Hi, Creators!

The team of Film Wizards has created bundles that actually have every aspect of the editing proces. From cinematic sounds and LUTs to Presets and amazing Transitions. Everything. With one of our bundles you will be able to make every kind of content come alive.
Our goal is to provide as many creators with the best material for a fair price!

The other packages on the internet are 6 times smaller and less extensive than our packages and you will pay a higher price. As a result, you do not have  everything at once and you have to buy different packages again and again.

As an editor you will have a full library for years with our Film Wizards Bundles. No other download or release is required anymore.

We are filmmakers ourselves and have researched this: with the current bundle offering, you would have to spend about $400 to use your libraries in every area when editing... We offer you the chance to download this complete bundle now for $89.99! (limited sale)

We wish you a lot of fun and creativity with making your edits! You can always send us a message for tips and tricks :)

Team Film Wizards